We know musicians.  We have worked in the entertainment industry as well as the real estate industry.  When it comes to knowing what musicians want in their new home we think it boils down to this list:

1. Soundproof – The dreaded no-noisy neighbors policy. We do all the research around the area to see if neighbors might mind your extra rocking.

2. Recording – Some people love to record in their basement, but if you need a step up from that we are who you call.

3. Able to wheel in carts – We know you carry your road cases enough.  There’s no need to carry the cases upstairs when you are done with your gig.  We find one story houses work best for some of our musicians.

Roadies are always welcome too!  If you stick to these rules, you will have a great time getting into the house of your dreams and rocking and rolling along the way!